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Water Damage Repair

> Water Damage Repair

Liquid Damage

It happens, a few drops of coffee or beer, the cat sneaking in for a a snug at the wrong time, or even a child at play with some liquid close by and your laptop, tablet or mobile phone idling away on your table. Suddenly, they seem to have a knack to mingle when you least expect them to do so.

What to do.

  • Shut down the machine immediatelyStep
  • Remove the AC Adapter and the battery.
  • First aid Cleaning.
  • If this is a laptop or notebook, make sure you remove the battery immediately if you technically savvy. Depending on what part of the laptop gets the spillage; screen, keyboard area or the base, yes the base can get it too, especially if the machine took a tumble before the spillage, you need to isolate the affected part.Next what is spilled on the machine. Water soluble or non water soluble. One thing that will clean either is methylated spirit [Purple color] Available in major DIY shops. Do not use the white colored type. If you are clever with things, open up the machine, remove the keyboard and or the screen and using a wide brush, and gently wash away the affected areas. Allow the different parts to dry.
  • If your self help does not fix the damage, or if the machine will not fully wake up after drying it out, then you may need to get some professional help. We have the right oven to reflow your motherboard after cleaning. Moreover we stock keyboards and batteries from most manufacturers for instant replacement. If your motherboard is dead, we can revive it. We are especially good with electronics.

Warnings: [What you shouldn’t do]

  • Do not place the affected device on your heater. The heat will bend the main board. It will also curl up your keys and leave blotches on the screen.
  • Do not use your hair dryer to dry your laptop.
  • Do not put the laptop under the tap to wash it. If you do, it may work for a few days after drying out but oxidation will set in afterwards. This will result in electrical shorting of the components and the machine may lapse into a coma

What to know.
Warranty. [ Liability of manufacturer vis-à-vis accidental damages]

For Apple users, be aware that your Applecare warranty cover does not include spillage issues.
New Apple Mac machines are now equipped with moisture and liquid sensors. These are tiny moisture sensitive pads fitted inside your Apple macs with color codes of white when dry and red when wet to tell Apple Technicians whether your machine has gone down due to liquid damage.

Refurbished Devices

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