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Mobile Phone Unlocking

What is ‘Mobile Phone Unlocking’?

Carrier based mobile phones are either pay-as-you-go or on contract. These mobile phones come with the network carrier SIM card and are locked to the carrier’s network.

The phones contain an IMEI number that identifies it on any given network. Using this IMEI, network providers lock the phone to their network. Meaning that if the SIM card is removed, and another SIM card is insterted, the phone will not work. The phone will display a message that “SIM Card Not Accepted”.

Unlocking ensures that a mobile phone will work with any SIM card on any network

Cost Saving

An unlocked phone allows the use of any SIM card from any network.
Unlocked mobile phone can avail of cheaper tariffs from locally competing networks and also oversea usage lower cost of calls, text messages and data usage.

Increased Resale Value

An unlocked mobile phone attracts higher resell value than a moble phone that is locked to a carrier’s network because a buyer can put the mobile phone to use immediately using their existing SIM card from their carrier of choice



Unlocking a mobile phone is simply the process that frees the mobile phone phone from network provider locks. Phone unlocking is legal. You can avail of the service from us or do it online from many unlocking service providers.

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