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Apple Mac Software Repair

The myth is that Apple Mac machines are not affected by virus infections. Reality is that Mac machines do get infected with viruses and worms as well. The good news is that this happens at a much lower rate as compared to Windows based machines.

Here are some examples of trojan horses and worms that can infect an Apple OS machine;

Flashback malware – Infected over 600,000 Apple computers in April 2012; designed to steal user’s personal information, including account login credentials.
OSX/KitM.A virus – Infected a small number of Apple computers in May 2013; designed to take screenshots of a user’s desktop and upload to one of several websites.
OSX.PROTON – Infected thousands of Apple computers in 2017; designed to steal user’s account credentials by accessing the macOS Keychain app.
OSX/MaMi – Infected several thousand or more Apple computers in January 2018; designed to allow a person to view a computer’s Internet traffic, also called “snooping.”

How to know when a machine has a virus infection

  • When a machine is infected with Trojans, outwardly, one may notice that the machine runs slowly as compared to when it was virus free.
  • Additionaly, the machine may start to experience frequent freezing and lockouts.

When these start to happen, we can help.

Here is what we can do software-wise for your Apple OS computer;

  • Elimination and of directory errors.
    Using specialist tools, we will fix problem with master directory blocks and alternate master directory blocks [HFS: Mac OS Standard], volume headers and alternate volume headers [HFS Plus: Mac OS Extended], volume bitmaps, catalog trees, and extents trees.
  • Clean your cookies, history files, internet caches and download lists, form values and page icons.
  • Repair disk permissions which disk utility sometimes may fail to repair.
  • Reset home directory permissions and Access Control Lists
  • Remove all viruses, Trojans and worms from your machine.
  • Clear all caches; system, user, kernel, Directory Service, component, Java, Dock, ColorSync, shared, data detectors, Quick Look, dynamic link editor’s (dyld). etc.
  • Clear all Common Unix Printing System core files, job files and virtual memory swap files.

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