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ipad repairs

iPad Repair

For quick and reliable iPad screen repair service . We specialize in providing fast, reliable repair service for the following iPad model;

iPad: April 2010 Edition, iPad 2: March 2011 Edition, iPad 3: March 2012 Edition, iPad mini (2012): November 2012 Edition, iPad 4: November 2012 Edition, iPad Air (2013): November 2013 Edition, iPad mini 2: November 2013 Edition, iPad mini 3: October 2014 Edition, iPad Air 2: October 2014 Edition, iPad mini 4: September 2015 Edition, iPad Pro 12.9in (2015): November 2015 iPad Pro 9.7in: March 2016 Edition, iPad 9.7in (2017): March 2017 Edition, iPad Pro 12.9in (2017): June 2017 Edition, iPad Pro 10.5in: June 2017 Edition, iPad 9.7in (2018): March 2018 Edition, iPad Pro 12.9in (2018): October 2018 Edition, iPad Pro 11in: October 2018 Edition, iPad Air (2019): March 2019 Edition, iPad mini (2019): March 2019 Edition, iPad 10.2in: September 2019 Edition

iPad screen replacement
Battery replacement
iPad backcover replacement
iPad docking and charging port repair
iPad headphone jack repairs
iPad home button replacement

Refurbished Devices

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