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Apple Mac Repair

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Apple Mac Logic Board Repair

A number of things can cause your logic board to go down. Liquid spillage, faulty power supply, faulty laptop battery, power surges, shock, over heating etc. However with repairtech, our speciality is electronics. We can ferret out any faulty component. As long as repair is economically viable, we will repair. You have nothing to lose with Repairtech. We only get paid when we get the job done. There is never an evaluation fee. So come to us and let us get your cherished laptop up and working again.

Apple Mac Liquid Damage Repair

Have you recently spilled some liquid on your laptop? Has the machine stopped booting? Or maybe the keyboard has stopped responding. If yes you can come to repairtech. We repair most things. Water damaged, Tea, Coffee, beer or wine spillage, we can repair. Anything that we say is irreparable is surely irreparable. Moreover, we will not make you buy the laptop all over again. Our prices are fixed. No evaluation fee. When we don’t fix, you’ve nothing to pay at all. So if your goal is to get quality repair done at the keenest possible price, the by all means, come to us. We can say this over and over again, being different only means that we work harder and give you better value for your money. Please visit our price estimate page to see our repair fees.

Apple Mac Laptop Keyboard Replacement.

Apple Mac laptop keyboards are very sensitive to spillages. Ditto humidity. When the machine comes in contact with liquid, oxidation sets in very rapidly. Once this is in progress, damage to the keyboard is irreversible. If some of your keys no longer work, or your Apple mac trackpad has stopped responding, come to us for a speedy repair.


For all repair issue with your Apple Mac products, you can rely on RepairTech for a speedy and efficient repair and support services.
At one point or the other, your machine will surely have a minor malfunction or a major breakdown either due to old age or an accident resulting in broken screen or crashed hard drive, liquid damage, faulty optical drives or faulty graphic card. Also if your machine should stop to see your Firewire or USB port or if your camera has stopped working or your Airport card stops connecting. All these we can repair for you.

Hardware & Software Upgrades.

If you are in need of memory or hard drive upgrades on a budget, come to us as well. We repair with passion and of course with empathy. We will not make you pay more than is necessary. We quote upfront and our evaluation is free. We get jobs done

  • Apple Mac Liquid Damage repair
  • Apple Mac Logic Board Repair
  • Apple Mac Keyboard Repair
  • Apple Mac LCD Screen repair
  • Apple Mac Laptop DC Jack Repair
  • Apple Mac Laptop Fan Repair
  • Trojan, Spyware, Adware Removal
  • Apple Hardware Upgrades
  • Apple Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Mac OS Catalina Installation
  • Apple Mac nVidia Graphics Problems repair
  • Apple Mac hard drives smart status check and optimization


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