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For laptop repair and mobile phone repair Call 01 601 0555.

Apple iMac Repair, MacBook Repair, iPad & iPhone Repairs

Is your Apple device broken or faulty and in need of repair? Get help from Applecare repair  & support center . We service and repair all Apple devices and you can trust us for all your Out of Warranty repairs, Onsite IT Services and Apple Mac Upgrades. Make us your first point of contact for help with Apple hardware and software issues.

Servers, Desktop & Laptop Repairs

We offers full repair service for all types of computers. So for servers running on Linux.. or on Apple OS or Windows OS – The peeping Toms always come through the windows by the way.. Not our words. So whether Servers, desktops, Laptops and everything in between that you rely on for your day to day computing… Let them rely on our knowhow.

Tablet & Mobile Phone Repairs

Glasses…Breakages. Sound familiar? If it has happened to your phone, MacBook, laptop or tablet, do not despair. As the Vets are for the pets, so we are here for these devices. When they are slow and grudgy, we enliven them. If a collision has occured and they are worse for wear, we will fix them!

Apple OS & Microsoft Windows Upgrades

Are you still stuck on macOS Mojave? Or even something more archaic? Let’s lead you to macOS Catalina and start counting your luck.. macOS High Sierra happens to be the last OS that supported 32-bits apps, so if you are receiving messages saying that an App is not optimized for your Mac and needs to be updated… It is time to consider upgrading.

Technical Support for Linux & Windows Systems

We provide end to end proactive and break fix enterprise level technical support and disaster recovery services incorporating managed technical support services, email security, email archiving & compliance, and secure  easy to manage, access anywhere, 24/7 365 cloud backup solution guaranteeing you as a business owner a worry free IT environment.

Refurbished Computer, Phones & Accessories

New look? Yes… snazzy marketing? Check… Performance? As usual…So if you have mastered the tiger act.. Get yourself a bargain from us. MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, iPhones, Windows desktops, laptops and tablet, Android phones and other gadgets..We sell them all.
You may also trade in your old device for a new one. Get in touch now.

Why choose our repair service

Quality guarantee

we are committed to providing fast turnaround times, and exceptional personalized services. We use only the genuine parts for all of our repairs and we stand firmly behind our work in the industry’s best warranty.

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Corporate services


In this era of Internet of a Thing [IOT], Instant connection matters. Be it with your phone calls, SMS, or GPS usage. One cannot afford to be in business and out of touch!

You can rely on us right from the sales of PC  and Laptops, to your tablets, such as iPads, mobile phones and GPS devices to the protection of these devices chassis, hard drives where applicable and lcd screens.

Customer service

Sure there isn’t a licence for getting things wrong… However, if it turns out that you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of our job for you, Kindly notify us and we will endeavour to recollect and refix.. Getting it right afterall is what we are paid for. We will get it done the right way, only give us a second chance!

Privacy policy

Our company pays special attention to privacy of your data. No information from your gadget will be transferred to a third party. We respect our customers.


Refurbished Devices Shop

We fix it all the popular brands

Hardware Failure, Email file Recovery[ .PST & .WAB ], Virus Infection, Hardware Conflicts, System Won’t Shut Down, Spyware, Network Connection problems, Data Corruption, Malware and Adware, Backup, Data Recovery, laptop power supply replacement, LED and CCFL bulb replacement, laptop optical drive upgrade and replacement, Laptop USB port Repair, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile Phones Charging Port [power jack] Repairs, Replacement of broken or cracked plastic parts or broken hinge replacement, Internal dust cleaning, Component level Laptop Motherboard Repairs, Dim / dark LCD screen Rpair, Back Light Problems, Screen Inverter Repair, Failed GPU [Graphics Card] resulting in Distorted display, laptop Motherboard Repair, Overheating Laptop, Noisy Fans, Missing Laptop Keys, Water Spillage Repair, Disk Sanitizing Service (Hipaa, Battery not Charging Repair, Laptop Keyboard Repair, Laptop Screen Repair, Laptop Motherboard Repair, Apple Mac Video Chip Repair, Internet Connection Setup. Blue Screen Error. Mobole Phonr Repair, iPad restore, iPad Screen Repair, and many more.

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